Vancouver Film And TV Tours

A Typical Tour Experience

  • Meet your friendly local actor at Robson Square
  • Visit 3 different Vancouver neighborhoods and get tips on each location
  • 3-hour walking tour; visiting popular filming locations essential to the Vancouver film industry
  • Watch clips and movies from these locations on a tablet and discover how the location was transformed for each location
  • Discover popular celebrity hang-out spots
  • Do a script rendition from a popular movie in the location it was shot
  • Post as a superhero in front of a Vancouver landmark to re-enact their pose
  • Learn the ins, outs, and personal secrets from local actors navigating Vancouver’s film industry
Witness production crew set up process for new shoots (No guarantees but we will keep an eye out for this)
View of vancouver city

An Immersive Experience of Vancouver’s Busy Film & TV Industry

Experience one of North America’s biggest movie hotspots